I was just bored today but then I have duties to attend to.  Sigh.

Legend was so common to me. I don't care anyway. Tasks were done so fast, sat down and laid the cards out on what's boggling inside. We settled issues and we understood deeper. It was nice to meet intellectual and open-minded friends :)

Basta, Whatever they say and judge... as long as we do what we think is right, just go it. They don't breathe for us and feed us. But then they are always there, still thanking them for us to notice as warnings on the things we decide for our actions.

Just glad it ended well. All is well. Night. xoxo
6/22/2010 04:15:21 pm

weh.pangPBB ang write-up.hehe. :P

6/23/2010 11:31:11 pm

its more than just a show... its reality. and its happening to me now, really.


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