temperature rise... - chasing pavements
It was a hot morning... luckily we have cool ventilation to enjoy on, less infectious patients... and a handful meds. Hmm... it's normal for my shift to have toxicity once in a while (hehehe).

Blah blah blah is all i hear... there and everywhere. It's frustrating and awkward. Egos and Pride. But ended like nothing happened. Pathetic yet funny.

But then... it was freakin' confusing for me on that day about things inside... the talks on who to believe... but still whatever they say... action speaks louder than words... then if it is not, then prove to us your words (but I think it's otherwise... the loopholes made it so)

Exercise was my main event. My sport. My new bestfriend. Racket :) I'll take good care of you. Pound-shedder!

Hope to see the night skies on duty... for me to see my twilight.

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