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It was about midnight when I saw this movie on HBO (and I will be on a morning shift the next day.... hahaha)
I'm a fan of typical movies about life. It was really cool but not my line (being liberated).
I see girls here are the one who pursue the guys, being excited to grow up fast!... :(
But the good thing here is the close family ties and close friendships :)
A must-see movie!

P.S. Robbie was just an angel... and come to think of it in his real life (Aaron Johnson), he's engaged to a 42 yr old woman??? that's really a shock to many!

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If Only 07/01/2010
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I've been waiting to see this, since in high school... but then I usually forget. ^_^
And now I'm a nurse,  just yesterday... I've watched this on duty. Haha :)
Many people would tell me, I'd tear out... but I didn't (Imagine, how we used the pause many times... haha... how can I concentrate?)
But I'd say, It's really a good movie... and will try to see it again sometime :)



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