I missed this. Finally, this time it became a reality!
Reunion much? :)
(Sad that we're one friend short... Hi Roselle, we miss you !)

We had food trips on the same mall we used to hang out on vacant hours... and plus-plus, the pix!
Paka-nali ko nanaman sa camera... nasawa din noon eh! hehe :p

It seems so fast thinking we were just kids in school... and now, here we are talking about future plans in life, as nurses.
"Ang tanda na talaga natin..."  Jak said, as we remember things in college.
True... It's feels like we really getting old... eventhough we just graduated more than 2 years ago. So many oppourunities and experiences has passed. Wala, nakakamiss lang talaga... ^_^

Well. I really hope we never change like the old times.... despite we see our world changes minute by minute... I want to jam with them soon ... with new stories to tell :) Text text :))

Came from a night duty shift. Had no enough sleep. Not taken my breakfast and lunch. My whole plan was devastated with a favor. It took me for a few slow irritating hours. After finishing the favor, I just want something, one simple request... but they didn't grant it. And to think worst... I was the bad one... All my efforts, time, and money. It's natural for me to be mad! Really mad. I'm really exhausted. Whew. I'm so pissed!!!!
Honestly, I was like annoyed to her  when Teen Clash started. She was flirting with my Ivan Dorschner! Haha. But then, I kept on watching and updating on what's happening inside the house. I saw will the urge in  struggling to change for the better, though we can't  just scrap our old  identity. She made the viewers  hopped-in  to experience different kinds of emotions that kept her the talk of the town for the past few months. Our housemates were like lemons squeezed, extracting their real identities .

Then JaCia entered the scene... it was kilig! perfect :) Their moments were authentic, they weren't just the sweet loveteam. They were a package. Sweet and Spicy! hehehe

I was kinda nervous last night, feeling tricia might be evicted, and she was. Sad. Anyway, there are many who will support you here at the outside world... including me :) xoxo

Expecting to see of her more in ABS!

 I'm back blogging again... woohoo! :)

I was just bored when I saw this site... :( 
I thought of reviving to write anything.... since I realized I have the time of my life for more than 2 years after my graduation... Hmm...

I really want to update this site... for me to bring back the thrill of my roller coaster ride in life.

Will be uploading pics too. Yes :)

Tah-tah ^_^