People are people.
different personalities,
different tolerances,
different values...
it's either we compliment ,
contradict... or worse,
Funny isn't it?
It's a game of life.
Survival of the fittest.
That's how my world revolves at the moment.

There are times we're on cloud nine...
we're way half of it...
or as hot as hell.
Sometimes we perceive things we shouldn't really not.
Seems so easy, but to others its NOT.
Some really don't care which we really should care.
To understand and RESPECT, but doesn't do so.
And all the things above as vice versa.

Clash begins, which shouldn't supposed to happen.
Afraid that this space of my heart for them will soon be gone.
I pray for the time for this to end.

T'is things shalt pass... In God's time.

But the longer it sets, the wasted I get.
It's makes me tiring by the minute :(

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