Honestly, I was like annoyed to her  when Teen Clash started. She was flirting with my Ivan Dorschner! Haha. But then, I kept on watching and updating on what's happening inside the house. I saw will the urge in  struggling to change for the better, though we can't  just scrap our old  identity. She made the viewers  hopped-in  to experience different kinds of emotions that kept her the talk of the town for the past few months. Our housemates were like lemons squeezed, extracting their real identities .

Then JaCia entered the scene... it was kilig! perfect :) Their moments were authentic, they weren't just the sweet loveteam. They were a package. Sweet and Spicy! hehehe

I was kinda nervous last night, feeling tricia might be evicted, and she was. Sad. Anyway, there are many who will support you here at the outside world... including me :) xoxo

Expecting to see of her more in ABS!

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